Hack It Day is HERE!!

KIT + The City of Toronto have joined forces to host the 2nd AnnualHack It Day, a youth tech event at Toronto City Hall. March 14, 2018 is around the corner so make sure you’ve registered HERE. Deadline to register is March 10. http://hackitday.com for more details about the event.

About Kids In Tech

Kids In Tech is a community of tech leaders building and facilitating STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) curriculum for elementary school students and their educators in Toronto, Canada. Through hands-on practical lessons, KIT promotes tech-literacy by teaching fundamental 21st century skills such as coding, design, critical thinking, teamwork, and resourcefulness for the classroom. By creating accessible environments for youth and educators to actively apply innovation, KIT strives to put a powerful spin on the exploration of technology.

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Professional Development for Educators

Purpose: Customized for educators who want to teach advanced digital skills in their classrooms.

What’s included: Intro to digital thinking, hands-on exercises and discussions, complete lesson packages for the classroom and recommendations for classroom evaluation.

Topics: Exploring Structures in 3D (in conjunction w/ Math & Social Studies) • Interacting w/ Electronics through Kinetic Installation (in conjunction with Science) • Improving Communities through Mobile App Development (in conjunction w/ Math & Social Studies) • & more…

In-Class Facilitation for Youth

Purpose: Classrooms that would benefit from an introductory or advanced tech program facilitated by industry professionals.

What’s included: Hands-on exercises and discussions, 2 instructors to deliver curriculum, homework activities and educator support outside of the classroom.

Topics: Designing Structures in 3D • Intro to Robotics • Creating Your Own Mobile App • Making Digital Stories: Video game programming • Think it, Build It! : learn to adapt your ideas from 2D to 3D • Making Web Things with HTML & CSS • and more…

About the founders

Kids In Tech was founded in November 2015 by community digital designers and developers with over 15 years of hands-on experience working within the tech industry and teaching digital literacy to youth throughout the GTA.


For inquires, collaborations, or virtual high fives, please fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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