W1: Game Design @ NMPPS

'What makes a great story?'
‘What makes a great story?’

We’ve launched!! *insert fireworks sounds here*
(Read our intro post here for more details.)

Week 1 is done and we are on a roll!!

Our focus for the first day of Gamemaking for Digital Stories was to introduce the class to different aspects of the Gaming industry.

We had a learning goal and that was to dissect what game design & digital storytelling was, so that these kids could get a sense of how big this industry really is. We also wanted to emphasize to the students, that even though Game Design is vast, there is a place for them within the community.

Our 'TechWizs' Fiza & Kayla
Our ‘TechWizs’ Fiza & Kayla

They shared what their favorite games were and why, we discussed the different processes in Game Design and then we asked them what makes a great story. After that, we sampled different types of games and then WHOOSH!!… 2 hours of class had passed.

It was an explosive morning. Energy was high all around and we were very impressed with the group. They asked & answered questions like pros and weren’t afraid to let us know hat was on their mind #mogulsinthemaking.

We have some big plans for the program. The students are excited about turning their Hero stories into games and if day 1 is an indicator of where this 16-wk program is heading, we’re on course to make amazing things happen.


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